Taking that Great Photo – With Your Phone Camera

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Taking that Great Photo

Mobile phones have certainly evolved from the days of large, heavy, utilitarian telecommunication devices. Today’s smart phones are sleek, multifunctional, go everywhere computers that seemingly do anything, AND they take great pictures, too!

Taking great pictures with a phone camera hasn’t always been easy and the results were often poor to acceptable.

When Just One Picture Isn’t Enough

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Just One Picture

The axiom, “One picture is worth a thousand words,” may be true – some of the time. Sometimes, using just one picture to commemorate someone or something isn’t enough. It just isn’t.

Think of all the reasons to celebrate – a “significant” birthday, a wedding or anniversary, retirement, the completion of a major project. Now imagine all the photographs that have been taken over the course of a person’s life, or of the evolution of that major project.

Personalised By You

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Personalised By You

What makes a great personalised photo gift great?

A truly great personalised photo gift is one that touches the heart.

Imagine watching a dear friend or loved one pull the ribbon and wrapping paper away, lift the box lid, and discover a personalised photo gift chosen by you.

Jigsaw Puzzle As A Thank You Card

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Thank You Card

Thank you. Merci. Paldies. Gracias. Arigatou. Every language has a word or phrase that means, “Thank You”. And once upon a time, it was customary (in many cultures) to write a note or letter of thanks for a gift, a service rendered, or almost anything that deserved a message of appreciation.

Fun with Personalised Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

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Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

It seems we are always solving puzzles. A seating arrangement is a puzzle to sort out. A travel itinerary is another puzzle. Identifying a software bug is a puzzle to be solved. A personalised photo jigsaw puzzle from PuzzlesPrint is a wonderful way to bring your puzzle solving skills, relaxation, AND fun together.

History Is Made In Pieces (Puzzle Pieces)

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Puzzle Pieces

What do a geography lesson, blocks of wood, and continuous brain activity have in common? Jigsaw puzzles!

History/geography lesson

The development of jigsaw puzzles originally called dissectionsis generally credited to an English mapmaker and engraver, John Spilsbury, in the early 1760s.

Quality Photos – the Raw Materials for Great Photo Jigsaw Puzzles

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Quality photos

There are countless reasons for celebrating and gift giving. And what could make your celebration more special than giving customized photo jigsaw puzzles from PuzzlesPrint! But what pictures should you use?

Suit the picture to the purpose

Sticking Around with Personalised Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

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Magnetic Jigsaw Puzzle

Personalised photo jigsaw puzzles are fun to give and fun to receive. They combine the best qualities of a welcomed giftthe picture or image is something personal to the receiver (and often the giver, too); and jigsaw puzzles are fun! PuzzlesPrint helps you increase the fun level by turning your photo jigsaw puzzle into a magnetic photo jigsaw puzzle.