20 piece personalised photo jigsaw puzzle

20 piece personalised photo jigsaw puzzle
20 piece personalised jigsaw can be customised with your own photo, design, artwork or text!
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A personalised photo jigsaw puzzle made from 20 pieces is a great little jigsaw puzzle! 20 piece jigsaw puzzle is quick to assemble, it will be an easy task for your kid. You can also use 20 piece jigsaw for company promotion. Personalised picture puzzles are great photo gifts, by making your own custom jigsaw puzzle, you can be sure that there won’t be any other puzzle like yours. Upload your photo, artwork or design, add personal message to create your own 20 piece jigsaw puzzle!

Order turnaround time

Order turnaround time includes production time and delivery time
Order placed and paid Production time Delivery time Order received by customer
1 – 3 business days*
Standard delivery time is 6 – 9 business days
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*Doesn’t apply with quantities over 25 and during busy periods, such as Christmastime.

Jigsaw puzzle specifications

Minimum photo resolution:
1600 x 2400 px
Print file size with bleed:
20.6 x 30.6 cm (8.1" x 12.1") - if you create your own design before upload
Completed jigsaw puzzle size:
20 x 30 cm (7.9" x 11.8")
Safe area for important objects:
10 mm (0.39'') from the edges - if you create your own design before upload
Box with customer’s image printed on the lid
Box size:
27 x 21 x 5 cm (10.6" x 8.2" x 2'')
Jigsaw puzzle piece size:
5 x 6 cm (1.96" x 2.36'')
Jigsaw puzzle material:
“Eska Graphic Board” cardboard
Jigsaw puzzle thickness:
2 mm (0.08'')

Download the downloadable design guide if you are creating the design yourself before upload

20 piece puzzle design guide (20-piece-design-guide.pdf, 1,347 Kb) [Download]

20 Piece Personalised Jigsaw

Children love jigsaws and often they are the most popular item in the nursery. They love to see the way the picture forms and are so proud when they are able to put all of the pieces into the right place. 20 piece jigsaw will be an ideal size for children of nursery age and will be the ideal combination of being easy enough to complete and building their esteem as well as difficult enough to challenge them.

With 20 pieces, it is easy enough to see what is on each one, but the shapes will have to be recognized. The child will soon learn about how pieces fit together and will stop trying to put holes with holes and posts with posts. By 3 they will realise that the picture they are producing is the same as the one on the box. As it will be something special to them they will want to do it again and again.

Showing a special event in the child’s life will encourage them to do the jigsaw. They will want to see the picture of themselves or a friend appears. It is the ideal gift for their birthday or for Christmas as it is a great mixture of a toy and a learning aid. The 20 piece jigsaw product measures 20 cm x 30 cm and can be used again and again. If the child does get bored of it and wants more of a challenge, it can be kept together and still have a use as a framed picture.

Getting the 20 piece jigsaw to the child is easy as it can be ordered online. A special picture can be selected and once uploaded will be skilfully turned into a jigsaw. Pieces are easy to handle and will not be too small for them to control and place. There are no awkward shapes and apart from the edging, all of them are uniform.

Pieces are made to a very high standard and are finished in a way that makes them fit into place with ease. There are no loose pieces left so there is not the temptation for little fingers to pick away at the design.