4 piece promotional jigsaw puzzle

4 piece promotional jigsaw puzzle
4 piece promotional jigsaw puzzle can be customised with your own photo, design, artwork or text! Minimum order quantity - 10 units
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4 piece promotional jigsaw puzzle is ideal as little kids invitation to a Birthday party! This 4 piece promotional jigsaw puzzle is easy to solve as it contains only 4 puzzle pieces. The size and the piece amount makes this promotional jigsaw ideal for little kids, you can create beautiful jigsaw puzzle invitations for your kids Birthday party. Simply upload your design or create one using our online editor to make a 4 piece promotional jigsaw!

Order turnaround time for promotional jigsaws

Order turnaround time includes production time and delivery time
Order placed and paid Production time Delivery time Order received by customer
3 – 5 business days*
Standard delivery time is 6 – 9 business days
Express delivery time is 1 – 2 business days
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*Doesn’t apply with quantities over 250 and during busy periods, such as Christmastime.

Jigsaw puzzle specifications

Minimum photo resolution:
1100 x 1100 px
Print file size with bleed:
11.6 x 11.6 cm (4.6" x 4.6") - if you create your own design before upload
Completed jigsaw puzzle size:
11 x 11 cm (4.3" x 4.3")
Safe area for important objects:
5 mm (0.19'') from the edges - if you create your own design before upload
Each jigsaw puzzle placed in a white envelope
Jigsaw puzzle piece size:
5.5 x 5.5 cm (2.15" x 2.15'')
Jigsaw puzzle material:
“Eska Graphic Board” cardboard
Jigsaw puzzle thickness:
2 mm (0.08'')

Download the downloadable design guide if you are creating the design yourself before upload

4 piece promotional puzzle design guide (4-piece-promo-design-guide.pdf, 1,347 Kb) [Download]

4 Piece Promotional Jigsaw

Now you can send a great message out to customers and clients. Rather than the standard brochure outlining your latest details or events, you can now send them a jigsaw. With just 4 pieces it will not need a mastermind to finish it, but it will be fun and not the sort of thing that comes into the company every day.

Made of Eska cardboard, 4 piece jigsaw puzzle will be lightweight and easy to send through the post. They can bear a Christmas message and be sent out instead of a card.  It could either be just a message for Christmas or could have a link to your own company on it.

Children love jigsaws and there is a way to make sure that they get the most out of one. With just 4 pieces it will be an ideal way to invite them to a party. Firstly, they will be excited when they open the envelope and see that there is a 4 piece jigsaw in it – and it will be on with a number of pieces that they will be able to put together. Nest will be the content. They may not be able to read it for themselves but when they are told that they have been invited to a party the excitement will grow. As a parent you can return the favour by having a selection of acceptance or declining jigsaws, meaning that the child being given the party can do a jigsaw to find out who is attending and who is not.

The pieces and the overall size of the jigsaw will be just right for small children. The finished 4 piece jigsaw puzzle is 4.3” x 4.3” and each of the 4 piece’s measure 2.15” x 2.15”. It will not take up a lot of room in the house but it will be a lovely item for them to play with.

Ordering is easy and can be done online simply by filling in the details of what is to appear on the front. Select how you will pay and how many are being ordered and that is all there is to the process.